Thursday, January 22, 2009

Getting back into the swing of things...

On many levels.

It's been quite some time since I had a blog. Back in my undergrad days, I would enter my daily activities (for the most part) into LiveJournal -- but that died down shortly after moving off-campus. I'm hoping that starting & maintaining this blog will give me that extra bit of motivation to stick to my workouts & training plan (thought stream being that I'll feel guilty not having anything to update? ha)

So - not only getting back into the world of blogging, but I need to get back into working out. I've run two marathons (San Diego '07 & Disney World '08) and numerous half marathons (Fairfield, Hartford, Philly, Hyannis). Now, you'd think I was a very strong runner from that history, but I've been quite the slacker. The last race I ran was the annual Manchester Road Race on Thanksgiving (just under 5 miles) and I've only run a handful of times since then. With working two jobs & grad school part-time I found making up excuses very easy. BUT, this needs to change. I realize I'm a little late on the New Year's Resolution, but better late than never.

I really want to get into the world of Triathlon's next summer. I have been swimming since November (so not COMPLETELY slacking). I'm now in the 2nd session of the "Fitness for Life" swim class - which is basically lap swimming with a planned workout, twice a week for an hour. My record so far is 72 laps (1 MILE!!) in the hour, which I'm pretty happy with.

So - I've got the swim workouts down for now, although I will increase the frequency later in my training. Now, I need to jumpstart the biking & running. My first goal is to get back into a regular running routine and then add in the biking (for which, I need to buy a road bike!).

I haven't decided on a specific TRI distance and/or event as of yet.. it's really going to depend on where I am in a month or so when I'd need to start a specific training plan. There's quite a few local sprint & olympic distance tri's, so I'm sure I'll be able to get in a few. Although, I do have a small desire to go for the Half Ironman. I realize the "smarter" option would be to smart small.. but, I think if I really set my mind to it, I could do it. I mean.. I trained for the San Diego marathon in 4 months with my longest run prior to that being only 5 miles. So - like I said, we'll see where I'm at in a month or so before I make any decisions on distance / events.

Tonight : Swim for 1 hour (specific workout is provided to me there, so I can update that later)

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  1. hey! got your link (obviously). awesome job with the swimming - thats definitely my weakest sport, and it's really hard to get in a good workout because I swim alone. But good luck with everything - if you find a sprint or olympic distance near you, let me know. I may run it too! My 70.3 is June 20, so I'll need a good few practice races before then.