Monday, January 26, 2009

so far, so good!

I wanted to get back into a regular workout routine, and so far.. the week is off to a great start.

Sunday - 20 minutes on the bike, 2 miles on the treadmill

Monday - 20 minutes on the bike, 1.5 miles on the treadmill

I'm trying to ease myself back into it... I don't want to start with too much/too soon because I know where that'll land me.... SHIN SPLINTS! ah. I have a lot of trouble with those in the past, so I'm trying to avoid them at all costs. I actually had custom orthotics made when I was training for my 1st marathon, but... they've seen their final day in my shoes. I need to get new ones, but it's a pain the ass to get them covered by my insurance. I need to get a "letter of medical necessity" from my orthapedic to give to the orthotic place.. even though I provided one the first time. It doesn't make sense that I'd need a new letter every year when it's something that needs to be replaced after a year or so. It's not like having them for a year changes the problems in the way my feet were built. Oh well - for now I'm running w/o the orthotics and we'll see how that goes. I have a brand new pair of my Asics Kayano's.. which were on the recommended list, so I'm hoping I'll be fine.

Today's workout wasn't much.. but it was HUGE at the same time. I've been trying for a long time to get into a morning workout routine, but I LOVE the snooze button. In the past, the alarm goes off... and, even if I'm wide awake, I just think about how I could sleep for another hour in the comfy/warm bed. It usually ends up with me being MORE tired after I finally get up.. and then angry at myself for not working out. With my schedule as it is.... swim Tues/Thurs, school Wed, and usually my PT job on Fridays - I really don't have time to workout (bike/run) at night. So.. here's to hoping today was the first of MANY morning workouts!! From what I hear... you get used to waking up that early after a while. I'll believe it when I see it! HA

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  1. Ugh, I totally hear you on the morning workouts. Like 630 wasn't early enough, now my alarm goes off at 5 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays to be able to get to the gym (mile walk, 4 subway stops away) and into the office on time. Pool workouts in the morning, run/bike at night. I'm gonna kill myself.